3rd Suzuki Jamboree in Jura

On May 14 Sasquatch Team took part in 3rd Suzuki Jamboree in Jura - a two day offroading party for Suzuki owners organised by FX Rally. 

Watch the event coverage - English version in subtitles.


There were two spots where you could test your car’s limits. In Niegowoniczki teams in the Extreme class (heavily modified cars) competed in mud. In Bukowno, the former sand excavation site was transformed into the arena for Advance class. Advance class is designed for road taxed vehicles with some degree of modification and a winch. 

In Advance class, the teams drove clockwise on an oval resembling track checking-in at four fixed rotations. Each checkpoint was worth 20 points, given the checkpoints were done in the right order and no check-in was omitted. The goal was to gather as many points as possible in 4 hours. The was neither a roadblock nor a set route except for obligatory checkpoints. The outer area of the track was easier to drive but more time-consuming. The inner area was more challenging but shorter and if crossed smoothly quicker. Cares were prohibited from entering the central part of the course. The teams could choose the route best suited for the specs of their rigs. 


Sasquatch Team performance

…or lack of thereof. This time we failed miserably eliminated by a clutch malfunction on our third lap. The attempts at reviving the car were unsuccessful. All we could do was to wait to be towed away. We were given a no.13 bib. Unlucky much. We didn’t finish last though, which is a consolation of sorts. Unfortunately we were consequently unable to participate in the free riding fun the following day. Defeated by the sand we were forced to tow our Suzuki Samurai back home.