8H Mini Off-road Mud Marathon

Date of event  | June 18,  2016

8H Mini Off-road Mud Marathon is the less challenging version of the 24H Off-road Mud Marathon organised by FX Rally on Cabala Rally off-road track in Niegowiniczki (50.366208,19.436037).  Both events took place the same day. The goal was to drive for 24 hours (or 8 hours, as Sasquacth Team had chosen to) and gather as many points as possible. 

24H Offroad Mud Marathon


Teams competed in a side-by-side race riding along a set track with two checkpoints. Each checkpoint sign-in was worth 10 points. The event promoter prepared two tracks, a dust track and a more challenging mud track. To avoid monotony pf driving in circles the route was modified on the go. 

8H 'marathoners' started at 3.50 pm on the dust track and then at about 8.10 pm the competition moved to the mud track. Every team member was obliged to take a 1 hour brake from driving and rest. The team were also subject to random alcohol tests and drug tests to avoid unfair competition [ ;) ]. Sasquatch Team ran on coffeine and adrenaline solely. 

Sasquatch Team Rally Video

Sasquatch Team Performance


We had one goal - to survive. We did. After riding 8 hours straight we managed to place 6th with our Samurai almost intact. 

Both track were moderately challenging, nonetheless if not alert you may have run into some unpleasant suprises, such as hidden patches of mud, holes in the ground, submerged tree trunks and unstable sandy slopes. 

We divided the driving equally and our schedule looked, more or less, as shown below:

3.50 - 6.00 : Aga (driver) + Grzesiek (spotter)
6.00 - 7.00 : Grzesiek (driver) / Aga (resting)
7.00 - 8.00 : Aga (driver) / Grzesiek (resting)
8.00 - 10.00 : Grzesiek (driver) + Aga (spotter)

We skipped the last two hours. Everything went fine, we were both tired and we did not not want to push our luck having in mind the Wyrowisko Drangonwinch 2016 rally the following weekend. 

Respect to all the teams that endured 24 hours of continuous off-road struggle.