Sasquatch Team is now a member of Klub Polski Offroad (Polish Offroad Club). Membership gives us access to 20 plus offroad roadblocks - charted along tested and legal trails. Additionally membership grants us an entry to Continuous Rally contest. 

Continuous Rally is a splendid initiative in which 4x4 maniacs are encouraged to drive the above mentioned trails at their own pace and anytime they wish to do so. All you need to do is to follow the roadblock (available in pdf file or in GPS-ready format), answer a set of landmark related questions and post a photo of your car at a certain location to prove you were actually there. Each one-day trip is worth 15 points whereas longer ‘expeditions’ give you 35 points. The team which gathers most points at the end of the year wins the competition and substantial prizes (winches, gear, accessories, offroad store discounts).

The trails which are spread all over Poland can be completed in one day. Moreover there are two seven day trips available for download. For more adventurous off roaders the club offers longer European trails including Scandinavia and the Balkans.  

We have already completed route no.22 Spytkowice-Koszarawa. The route is about 45 miles long and is located in Beskidy Mountains in southern Poland (Lesser Poland). You can read more about this trip on our blog: here.

You can also watch the movies from our YouTube channel

You can also watch the attempts of other teams on different routes.


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