We were so looking forward to this great off-roading fest. This event is all about collecting a hatful of stamps - usually about a hundred. We collected zero, nada, zilch. 


Wyrowisko Drangonwinch 2016 is a massive off-roading competition. Contestants drive in five classes: Extreme Mechanic, Extreme Electric, Touristic Pro, Touristic and Quad. Car classes vary in terms of winch usage. Touristic is for RTV's but no winch action is allowed, in Touristic Pro teams in road taxed vehicles are free to use winches, Extreme classes are for modified Utility Task Vehicles. 

All the teams are handed roadbooks with directions to stamp collecting spots such as deserted sand mines, coal storage areas and bog areas. The rally starts with a time-trial on a moderately challenging track. 

Watch the four movies from Wyrowisko below. English subtitles are not provided but hopefully you'll get the gist. Try to find us in movies 1,2 and 4. Yes, we are the ones being towed away.

Sasquatch Team Performance

We missed the whole party and went home early. The time trial ended in us hitting a tree in a spectacular matter. The driver is guilty of some inexplicable mistakes and reckless driving ;) . The car was temporarily damaged (drive shaft cross) and with broken hearts we decide to end the competition and towed ourselves back home.

This season is a freaking rollercoaster ride. How it is gonna be at the upcoming Piaskownica (Sandbox) Rally ?

Piaskowinica Bukowno