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Our emerald green gas guzzler of a friend is the 1996 Suzuki Samurai 1.3 KAT. We decided to take him in because of the price, nimbleness, compact build, and good technical state.

Legend has it that the previous owner of our Suzuki Samurai was a senior German citizen who used it to reach his cabin in the woods. He used to park his immaculately clean sedan at the foot of the mountain only to green lane to the cabin in the Samurai. Occasionally the car was used for transporting logs for the fireplace. So, despite its age we have found the car to be in a remarkably good condition.

We took him in overlooking minor flaws such as a bit of rust, a small hole in the floor, fenders in a dire need of exchange and worn-out leaf springs. We have just begun revamping and fine-tuning him, but we have ambitious plans to restore this almost 20-year-old senior to its former glory.